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  1. Can I post my topics and questions and discuss existing topics in the forum?

    The answer is yes and it is easy. First register as a member. Once the membership is approved, you can start posting your topics and add comments in our blog, photos and videos immediately. We intend to approve all applications, inshallah.

  2. Can I post my topics in other languages?

    Yes, for now we allow topics in Swahili, English and Arabic language only. We will allow other languages in the future when requested, inshallah. The reason for this is that our volunteers, so far, are able to monitor posts in Swahili, English and Arabic only.

  3. What other topics I can post in the forum?

    You can post any topic any time about Food/Mapishi, Health/Afya, etc. which can benefit Muslim community and a wider society. Just click on Start Discussion and then select 'Category' you prefer.

    To view Categories click on 'normal' view, to view All topics click on 'recent topics' in the forum page.

  4. Can I report anyone behaving inappropriate?

    Yes you can. For example, we strictly advise Male members of the forum not to send friendship request to Female members of the forum and Female members likewise. Anyone reported to do so, his or her membership will be terminated given that the proof is provided.

    We have requested our website host to disable the friendship request feature in the members profile area as one of our members made a reasonable request for the feature to be removed. Our host has responded by saying:

    "In order to use the forum app on your site it requires that you also set up member pages so that your forum users have unique profiles to post from, since the friend request feature is one of the central components of the member page there is no way to disable it."

    Alhamdulillah, so far no incident has been reported and we hope the forum will benefit us for the sake of Allah (S.W.).

  5. Can I post my items that I no longer need them?

    Yes, you can now post FREE items that you no longer need them so that they can benefit other members in the forum, Or you can post WANTED items that you are looking for and if other members have them and no longer need them they can pass it to you for free. For Sale items are not allowed until further notice. We hope that this category will help us to pass items that we no longer need them for free so that other members of the forums can benefit. Wabillahi tawfeeq.

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  1. What is Salama Direct?

    Salama Direct is exclusive Salama Trust's online shop, selling a large variety of Islamic products.

  2. Why buy from Salama Direct?

    Buy now from Salama Direct online shop and all the profit made goes back to promote charitable purposes including Ramadhan Qur'an Contest. So now you have more than one reason to buy from Salama Direct online shop.

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  1. What is Salama Trust?

    Salama Charitable Trust is an Islamic charitable organization established in 1430 A.H. (2009 A.D.).

    Salama Trust aims to promote charitable purposes for the general benefit of Muslims in the United Kingdom and abroad.


  2. What Salama Trust do?

    We promote Islamic activities for the general benefit of Muslims and wider society.

    Our objectives are:

    to advance the Islamic religion in accordance with the teaching of the holy Qur'an and the teachings of the prophet Muhammad (swallallahu-a'layhi-wasallam).

    to promote co-operation and unity among Muslims.

    to promote peace and harmony.

    to advance education and to provide facilities, to erect or help to erect charitable institutions, schools, mosques, orphanages, nurseries and organize cultural, educational and recreational activities for the Islamic community.

    to assist in the relief of poverty and distress and those who are in need amongst Muslims who live in the United Kingdom and abroad.



  3. What is your location?

    8A First Avenue, Plaistow, London, E13 8AR, United Kingdom.

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