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Abu Hafsat
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 As-Salaam alaikum,

 I wish to share with you the following words of Wisdom I saw the other day in a book titled: "THE SAYINGS AND TEACHINGS OF THE GREAT MYSTICS OF ISLAM", by Sheikh Muhammad Riaz Qadiri. These words have that in-built capacity to make us reform ourselves, with Allah's Help and Guidance, and face the ultimate journey to the Hereafter. Some of these wonderful words are:--

 (1) "More precious than 1,000 years past and 1,000 years to come is this present moment for you. Be not deluded by

       anything material. Know that in the realm of the soul, past and future are the same as present."-- Sheikh Abu bakr Shibli (d. 945)

 (2) A mystic said: "There are 4 kinds of thought: from Allah, from an angel, from self and from devil. The thought which is from

      Allah is an admonition; that from an angel an urge to obedience; that from self the quest for lust; that from devil the adornment

    of disobedience."--Sheikh Abu bakr Kalabadhi (d. 995)

 (3) "Patience has 3 stages: first, it means that the servant ceases to complain and this is the stage of repentance; second,

       he becomes satisfied with what is decreed, and this is the rank of the ascetic; third, he comes to love whatever his Lord

     does with him and this is the stage of the true Friends of Allah."--Shiekh Abu Talib Makki (d. 996)

 You may wish to get the book itself for more of these sayings/teachings contained therein and lessons offered.

Best Regards.

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