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Abu Hafsat
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As-Salaam alaikum,

 It is my pleasure to share and/or remind you of some salient issues or facts in life... that seek to remind us of who we are... and where we are heading, as we embark on this journey to the Hereafter. I mean salient issues such as:--

 (1)..That the mystic's love and longing for Allah emanates from the pe-existent Light of Prophet Muhammad,

       Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, which is the essence of all Prophecy and Saintship. That Light irradiates every

      seeker's heart and is the focus of his thoughts, feeling and actions as when the sun moves from east-west;

     its beams moving with it, illuminate all the windows of a house before returning to their source.

(2) Everyone is moved by his/her spirit and follows its lead, as birds fly to their mates. Thus the Blessed

    and the Damned desire what accords with their spiritual predispositions.

(3) The Secret of Abd is that abd' has no name, no rights.... just servanthood. The only one to

     achieve that in all creation eternally is the Noble Messenger of Allah, Sayyiduna Muhammad,

    Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam.

(4) Tawba or Repentance means NOT to listen to one's 4 enemies:- the NAFS (ego); HAWA (vain desires);

     DUNYA and SHAITAN. Man may agree with his Lord or with his 4 enemies. If a man is asking to return

    to his Lord, he must be in rebellion against those 4 enemies, and not listen to their orders.

(5) The value of a'amal (Deeds) and Worship (Ibaadat) is measured with the degree of FAITH (Imaan)

     in one's heart. The brilliance of Ibaadat depends on the amount of Ikhlas (Sincerity) therein.

    The more perfect Imaan becomes, the more Ikhlas is attained, and deeds become all the

   more glorious and acceptable.


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